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The City of McCamey has an ordinance that requires all pet owners to register their pets. City tags are $5.00 per year. You must provide proof of rabies vaccinations before a tag can be issued. Pets must not be allowed to run loose. Large fines and penalties will apply.

The owner of a dog or cat shall have the animal vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian when the animal is four (4) months of age and within each subsequent twelve (12) month interval. After immunization the veterinarian shall issue to the owner of the animal a certificate of vaccination which contains the following information:

  • name and address of owner;
  • animal identification including species, sex, age, predominant breed and color(s);
  • type of vaccination; and
  • rabies tag number.

Concurrent with the issuance of the certificate of vaccination the veterinarian shall provide to the owner of the dog or cat a metal rabies tag serially numbered showing the date of vaccination, the name, address and phone number of the veterinarian which shall be securely attached to the collar or harness of the vaccinated dog and worn at all times and owner of a cat shall be able to present vaccination records and rabies tag.

A person commits an offense without regard to mental state if the person owns, keeps, or harbors a dog or cat within the City without a current rabies vaccination, and fails to display a current license tag on a dog or able to be presented for a cat.